How to plan your office move?

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How to plan your office move?

Moving your office can severely degrade your everyday business if not planned properly. Hence you need to sit down and plan for your office move to be smooth. If you are someone planning the same then this article can help you with the most used moving tips to help you out with the situation.

Start Planning Ahead

It is recommended strongly that you start planning at least three months prior to your decided moving date. This way you can plan all of it properly. Your office moving becomes stress-free and can help you to focus on the work rather than the unwanted chaos that can get created with an improper move.


Moving companies like the Calgary Movers Pro in Calgary can provide you a quote for your move. You can also call in for a free consultation and get an estimated move face to face once they movers have checked all your stuff in person. Make a budget accordingly. Also, check if you have the insurance that can cover your office moving.

Make an office moving checklist

A checklist is always helpful in accomplishing your moving goals. They help you plan some tasks in advance. Advanced tasks consist of activities such as gathering the packing material, boxing up the items and labeling them, shredding the unwanted documents etc. Tasks required to be performed on the day consist of checking the inventories and ensuring all the boxes are properly loaded.

Make an office move plan

You need to sit and make some scale plans of your new office space. This way you can easily decide what furniture should be placed where and what equipments are needed to put where. You can assign the workspaces and consult the same with the staff to ensure you do not encounter any problem after moving.

A skeleton Operation is a must

You need to plan a skeleton operation that is carried out at a separate location so that you can maintain the basic functions while your move is still in process. This can be a simple mobile phone to take the calls and a laptop for basic functions that must be connected to your company’s website. This can also take place at someone’s home. You can route all your emails or call to the same location while your move is progressing.

Minimise the downtime for the activity

You can ask the employees to work from home on a moving day. You can also schedule an off and only have the required staff only to work during that period. You can consider this as an opportunity to show your clients as what you do. So have some staff contact your client and inform them about the same.

Assign Office Move Duties

You can assign tasks like packing and unpacking to your staff. You can use the help of Calgary Pro Movers to move all your stuff from one location to another and install all your heavy equipment if your office is in Calgary. Calgary Pro Movers is a licensed company so you can leave the heavy tasks on them to carry out reliably.

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